Worship @ WMCC

worship-300x200Whether virtual or in-person, at Whosever metropolitan Community Church, when we come together in worship, we come offering our very best to God. Filled with an awareness of God’s presence and desiring to give God the glory that God deserveour worship will  include lively music an inspiring message and a Communion Table.

At Whosoever, we believe that the invitation to receive communion is an invitation to God’s Table, and that it is not the province of  human beings to interfere between an individual and God. Therefore, we offer an open communion table. We do not require an explicit affirmation of  Christianity from the communicant before  receiving the elements. Our table is open to whosoever (our neighbor).

  • Our Christian neighbors
  • Our neighbors with other faith beliefs
  • Our neighbors of all sexual orientations
  • Our neighbors of various gender identities
  • Our conservative neighbors
  • Our liberal neighbors
  • Our neighbors of many ages
  • The clean and the addicted
  • The employed and the unemployed
  • The realist and the dreamer

Our worship both virtual and in-person is for Whosoever!


Christian Education

The Bible And Homosexuality #101

The Bible has often been used  as a weapon to condemn same gender loving individuals. This section addresses the “clobber passage” often weaponized by fundamental Christians  . After focusing on these scriptures, we encourage you to then explore the Bible to find possible gay and lesbian Biblical heroes.  Read More