WMCCP is active in the community through two programs, the One Campaign and our fabulous float and performance at Pride each year. Learn more about the programs below.

Whosoever Campaign

The Whosoever Campaign is WMCCP’s social justice ministry. Our goal is to fight injustice, extreme poverty and preventable dies ease, especially HIV. In the last couple of years, the Whosoever Campaign has:

  • Raised over $5,000 to by AIDS drugs for HIV infected women in Africa;
  • Sponsored advanced planning legal clinics for Philadelphia LGBT community;
  • Hosted Equality Riders;
  • Distributed over 150,000 condoms;
  • Quarterly served a meal to people affected by HIV;
  • Demonstrated for a HIV positive young man who was defined entry into Milton Hershey School;
  • And much more.

If you are interested in justice and equality you are invited to join The Whosoever Campaign

For more information email the church at whosoevermcc@aol.com.

WMCCP @ Pride

WMCC annually participates in Philadelphia Gay Pride and Outfest. We don’t just view these events as a parade and a festival. To us at WMCC the pride events are great opportunity to demonstrate God’s radical all inclusive love of the LGBTQ community.